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Brief news about cryptocurrencies

These are some brief news about cryptocurrencies, exchange, trading and virtual economy.

Blockchain Launches Hardware Wallet

The popular cryptocurrency software provider Blockchain has announced the launch of a custom hardware wallet that is exclusively tethered to the company’s flagship wallet. According to the development team behind the new hardware wallet called Lockbox.

AMD Shares Plummet As Blockchain-Related Q3 Sales Turn ‘Negligible’

Shares of the American multinational semiconductor company AMD have plummeted amid lackluster sales of blockchain-related products. The firm revealed in its quarterly report that blockchain-related GPU sales were “negligible”.

House of Nakamoto Opens in Amsterdam

Another brief news. Featured The House of Nakamoto, an Austrian project helping newbies enter the cryptocurrency world, has recently opened a new store in Amsterdam. Residents and guests of one of the most bitcoin-friendly cities in Europe can now learn about electronic money.

Meet ‘Spedn’ — A Smart Contract Programming Language for Bitcoin Cash

Technology & Security On Wednesday, a developer called Tendo Pein announced the launch of a new smart contract programming language for the Bitcoin Cash network. Pein said “Spedn,” a BCH-based language, is designed for explicitness and safety.

The USDC Stablecoin is launching on Coinbase Pro

Click to convert large quantities of USD into USDC and back. Then trade BTC and ETH for USDC.As of 10.30am PT on Thursday, October 25 2018, Coinbase Pro is launching support for the USDC stablecoin. Here’s what that means:Starting immediately, users can deposit.

Tether Treasury Holds Nearly 30% of Total USDT Supply

Featured The “Tether Treasury’s” USDT wallet has rapidly risen up the ranks to become the top holder of the stablecoin, suggesting that some market participants may have managed to successfully withdraw their holdings from circulation.

ICONOMI Opens Doors to ‘Everyday Users’, Introduces OTC Trading and Direct Deposits

Cryptocurrency Index fund creator ICONOMI is slowly building a bridge for everyday users to venture into the world of crypto investing.On May 31st, COO Matej Tomazin announced via an official company blog post that ICONOMI would be introducing a fiat ramp-up.

Crypto Exchange for Institutional Traders Launches in Gibraltar

Exchanges A new crypto trading platform providing services to institutional investors has made a soft launch in Europe. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has introduced 300 retail account holders and a select number of institutional participants.

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