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Bitcoin Cas or Bitcoin Cash?

You have been confused writing Bitcoin Cash, in Bitcoin Cas you missed the “h”. But you’ve arrived here so we’re going to help you a little.

What is Bitcoin Cash ?, not Bitcoin Cas

Bitcoin Cash was launched in 2017, which means that it is a fairly new cryptocurrency. Especially if we compare it with the original Bitcoin that was born in 2009.

Bitcoin Cash is a bifurcation, a division in Bitcoin’s Blockchain. This means that they share the same transaction history until August 1 of 2017, but now each of them has their account book.

Everything arose from a discussion within the community, about the way to scale the Bitcoin. Being more and more popular and having much more movement, the speed at the time of processing the transactions began to be questioned.

Bitcoin Cash Community

What the Bitcoin Cash community offered in the beginning was to expand the size of the Bitcoin block from 1 mega to 8 MB. At this moment the size of the block is 32 megabytes.

That is to say, the main difference between a Bitcoin Cash and a Bitcoin is that more transactions fit in a block of the first.

However, it is a network, the Blockchain which is formed by nodes in which there is an account book in all of them. That is, a complete transaction listing. These nodes are responsible for making a revision if there is a new transaction and confirm if it is true or not. If it is, the transaction is authorized. It also works with miners like Bitcoin.

Advantages of Bitcoin Cash

Like Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies in general. The advantage is that you can send money directly to another person, you do not need intermediaries, such as a bank.

How can you get Bitcoin Cash.

There are different ways to get Bitcoin Cash.

-The first of course is buying them in any internet exchange, for example Coinbase.

-You can get lots through what is called faucet. Which are websites that offer you the possibility of getting a small part of BCH in each visit. For example every 15 minutes you can receive 0.00000100 just by filling in a Captcha. In return you will have to swallow a lot of publicity.

-You can also do Bitcoin Cash mining if your time allows it, although this is usually done through mining sites or farms that rent their potential in exchange for a monthly, annual or lifetime fee.

-And of course, you can charge for your services or your products. There are some platforms or are that allow you to integrate your payment gateway and charge with Bitcoin Cash.

Remember it is written with “h” at the end, not Bitcoin Cas.

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